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Biodegradable Surgical Face Masks


Biomadetech’s Biodegradable Surgical Masks are the first and only eco-responsible, biodegradable surgical face mask.

  • 90% Bio Made
  • Efficient: Complies with EN14683 Type IIR Bacterial filtration and viral > 98%
  • Biodegradable: The only mask based on Bio polymers
  • Complies with EN13432
  • Compostable: The mask decomposes in 2 months in nature into particles < 2mm without leaving any harmful traces
  • Packaging is recycled and 100% recyclable cardboard packaging and printed with organic solvent-free inks.
  • Available in sets of 10 or 50
  • Available in Adult (175mm x 95mm)
  • Available Junior sizes (145mm x 95mm)
  • Approved and certified in the UK EU and USA
  • 3-ply protective complex developed with bio polymer bases
  • Protected by 3 patents
  • Bio non-woven hydrophobic anti allergen 25 gsm
  • Soft nose clip
  • Bio made CEE filter® 25 gsm
  • Organic latex elastics
  • Adult Mask: 175mm w x 95mm h
  • Junior Mask: 145mm w x 95mm h
  • Discounts on bulk orders available
  • Free shipping available on bulk orders
  • No minimum order quantity
  • Next day delivery
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More about the Biodegradable Masks

A recent study estimates that globally there are 129 billion facemasks being used every month, that's 3 million a minute. Most of which are single-use and disposable, made from plastic and unable to biodegrade. This results in smaller plastic particles, micro and nano-plastics, ending up in our ecosystems. Help combat this new environmental peril by using a biodegradable or reusable face mask

This mask is 100% compostable within 2 months and 100% compostable.

It is packaged in recycled and 100% recyclable cardboard packaging and printed with solvent-free inks.

  • Complies with EN13432/BS EN13432 standards for compostable materials
  • BFE* ≥ 98% (Bacterial Filtration Efficiency)
  • Type IIR EN14683 Surgical Face Mask
  • Made with Bio polymers that comply with EN12432
  • Bio degradable anaerobic conforms to ASTM D6866 / ISO 16620
  • Available in Adult (175mm x 95mm) and Junior sizes ( 145mm x 95mm)
  • 3 Pending Patents: Bio Made CELL filter / Fractionated Bio Filament / Weaving precision
  • Produced in a high-capacity ISO 13485: 2016 manufacturing plant
3-ply Surgical Face Mask

Biomadetech Face Mask Features

Outer Layer

  • 25gsm Bio non-woven white: 25gsm
  • 3 layers construction
  • Shape memory nose clip

Inner Layer

  • 25gsm Bio made CELL white
  • 3 ply folding

Organic latex elastics

Frequently Asked Questions

EN13432/BS EN13432 is the EU and UK harmonised standard for compostable and biodegradable packaging. EN13432/BS EN13432 conform to the ‘compostable’ criteria of the relevant standard are suitable for composting, and those that conform to its anaerobic digestion criteria are suitable for that method of organic recovery.

Type IIR EN14683 face masks are medical face masks made of a 4 ply construction that prevents large particles from reaching a patient or working surfaces. Type IIR Facemasks include a splash resistant layer to protect against blood and other bodily fluids. Type IIR face masks are tested in the direction of exhalation (inside to outside), and take into account efficiency of bacterial filtration.

ASTM D6866 is the standard test method developed by ASTM International (formerly the American Society for Testing and Materials) to determine the bio-based carbon/biogenic carbon content of solid, liquid, and gaseous samples using radiocarbon analysis. Because it can be used to analyse any type of sample, it is recognized to be a very good analytical method for different types of biofuels.

International Organization for Standardization (ISO) specifies a calculation method for the determination of the bio-based carbon content in monomers, polymers, and plastic materials and products, based on the 14C content measurement.

International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 13485:2016 specifies requirements for a quality management system where an organization needs to demonstrate its ability to provide medical devices and related services that consistently meet customer and applicable regulatory requirements. Such organizations can be involved in one or more stages of the life-cycle, including design and development, production, storage and distribution, installation, or servicing of a medical device and design and development or provision of associated activities (e.g. technical support). ISO 13485:2016 can also be used by suppliers or external parties that provide product, including quality management system-related services to such organizations.

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