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Point of Care COVID-19 Antibody Tests

Test antibodies created by a past case of the virus, or by a completed vaccine, and indicate immunity from the virus.

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Antibody Test Kits

What is an Antibody Test and do I need one?

Antibody tests are used to detect antibodies to the COVID-19 virus to see if it’s likely that you have had the virus before.

The test works by taking a blood sample and testing for the presence of antibodies to see if you have developed an immune response to the virus.

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BioCan TellMeFast

BioCan Neutralising Antibody Test

BioCan TellMeFast Antibody Test detects immunity-identifying antibodies from past infection, or completed vaccine course

Easy to use

Results in 10 - 15 min

CE marked and qualified for sale on the GB market

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NewGene Rapid Tests

NewGene Rapid Antibody Detection Test Kit

Distinguish people who have antibodies due to COVID-19 infection from those who have received COVID-19 mRNA or Adenovirus vaccines.

Detect past COVID-19 infections

Results in 3 - 15 minutes

CE marked and qualified for sale on the GB market

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NewGene Rapid Tests

Neutralizing Antibody Detection Test Kit

A fast and accurate way to determine the effective, long-term immunity post-vaccination or illness

Detect Immune Effect After Vaccination

Multiple Sampling: whole blood/serum/plasma

CE marked and qualified for sale on the GB market

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NewGene Rapid Tests

Rapid Antibody & Antigen Combi

This test kit contains both the Sputum Antigen Test and Antibody Test in one easy-to-use kit (box of 25).

Detect past COVID-19 infections

Results in 3 - 15 minutes

CE marked and qualified for sale on the GB market

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    Antibody tests antibodies created by a past case of the virus, or by a completed vaccine course, and indicate immunity or protection from the virus.

    There are two types of antibodies:
    IgG: Immunoglobulin G is the most common antibody. It is found in blood and other fluids. It protects against bacterial and viral infection. IgG takes time to form after an infection, and is a key indicator of immunity.


    IgM: Immunoglobulin M is mainly found in blood and lymph fluid. This is the first antibody bodies produce when fighting an infection, and is a key indicator of a new or recent infection.

    An antibody test measures antibodies present in a person’s blood. The presence of antibodies indicates a former infection or a completed vaccine course. They are not used to detect current infections.

    Antigen tests are used to identify if a person is currently infected. No antigens will be present once the infection is gone.

    There are a few ways antibody testing can be valuable:

    To know your status:
    Research suggests that many who are infected COVID-19 show no or mild signs and symptoms of illness, so antibody tests could be useful in determining if you had it without knowing. Antibody test results could also help guide your doctor in making clinical decisions about your care.

    To understand disease prevalence:
    Widespread antibody testing could give researchers a better understanding of how many people have been infected and how deadly the virus really is. Researchers can use this data to predict how COVID-19 might affect us in the future, including why some people are more severely impacted than others.

    For convalescent plasma therapy:
    Convalescent plasma therapy uses the blood and antibodies from recovered COVID-19 patients to help treat others with COVID-19. Hackensack University Medical Center’s convalescent plasma therapy clinical trial, for example, uses the blood of COVID-19 survivors who have a very large presence of antibodies. Testing is needed to make this determination.

    To help develop a vaccine:
    When a vaccine is developed, it imitates a certain infection, and once injected, it helps build up the body’s natural defense against the infection, creating immunity to the disease. Part of that defense includes the production of antibodies. Testing is needed to verify the body’s response to a potential vaccine.

    There are three main concerns with antibody testing:

    There are several different antibody tests for COVID-19. Some perform better than others, and most tests are still being evaluated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Some things to consider: It is possible to be exposed to COVID-19 and not develop antibodies. With low quality tests, it is also possible to receive a “false positive” because you had another type of virus.

    False Sense of Immunity:
    Some people think having COVID-19 antibodies means they are immune to the virus and won’t catch it again. There is currently no evidence to suggest that people who have recovered from COVID-19 are immune to catching it again. Until more research is done, you should still take proper precautions to prevent further spread of the virus if you receive a positive COVID-19 antibody test result.

    Active Infections:
    If you test negative for COVID-19 antibodies, it doesn’t rule out the chance that you could have an active infection and haven’t built up the antibodies against it yet. This means that you could be spreading the virus to others without knowing it.

    Neutralising Antibody Tests detect neutralizing antibodies (Nab). Neutralising antibodies defend cells from pathogens which cause disease. Their product is triggered by both infections and vaccines against infections. Neutralising Antibodies protect people from future cases of disease whilst they are present.

    At present, the NewGene and BioCan Antibody tests are certified for use by trained medical clinicians, or healthcare workers only.

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