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We provide scalable and sustainable next phase government approved testing kits, PPE and sanitising packages for organisations.

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COVID-19 Antibody Tests

Biocan Antibody Tests: Identify Immunity-indicating Antibodies from past infection or vaccine

Biocan Tell Me Fast COVID-19 Antibody Tests detect immunity-identifying antibodies from past infections, or completed vaccine course. Submit a product procurement request here.

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Detect COVID-19 immunity-identifying Antibodies with 100% sensitivity accuracy.

10 min
Rapid Results

Detect COVID-19 immunity-identifying Antibodies in just 10 minutes.

Simple Steps

The Biocan Antibody test is easy to use with just 5 simple steps.

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We understand the importance of making the right decisions during this pandemic for both business and employees. Get in touch with your requirements.

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We provide COVID-19 tests for point-of-care use only

COVID-19 Test Kits

Explore our wide range of the latest in COVID-19 Antigen Test Kits, Antibody Detection Tests and Combi Tests.

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Protect yourself and the planet with eco-friendly health and hygiene products from Jocada.

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Jocada Group Ltd is a British owned international provider of medical technology and healthcare solutions.

We provide access to global manufacturers of new diagnostic medical technologies, both with turn-key manufacturing capabilities as well as wholesale supply and direct B2B and B2C solutions.

An antibody test measures antibodies present in a person’s blood. The presence of antibodies indicates a former infection or a completed vaccine course. They are not used to detect current infections. Antigen tests are used to see if a person is currently infected. No antigens will be present once the infection is gone.

Antigen tests identify current COVID-19 infections. They are a great way to regularly test your team members for a safe return to work. Antigen tests are easy to administer, and provide rapid results.

Antibody tests can be taken after recovery from a previous infection, or after a completed vaccine course. Please be aware inaccurate results may show if taken too soon after a completed vaccine course.

When an alien substance, like a virus, enters the body, the immune system is activated. Our immune system is a group of proteins (including antibodies) and cells (like B cells and T cells) that work together to recognise, trap and kill the invader. After the virus has been neutralised, our immune system retains a memory of it. If that invader re-enters the body, the immune system leaps into action to identify and kill the infection.

Yes. Our Biodegradable Surgical Face Masks are eco-responsible and compostable. The mask decomposes within 2 months into natural particles, without leaving any harmful traces.

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