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Point of Care COVID-19 Antigen Tests

Detect active and contagious cases of the virus with our rapid and less invasive antigen tests

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Antigen test kits

What is a COVID-19 Antigen Test Kit and do I need One?

About Antigen Tests

Antigen Tests (Lateral Flow Test) detect active, contagious cases of the virus

This usually involves rubbing a long cotton bud (swab) over your tonsils and inside your nose.

About 1 in 3 people with COVID-19 do not have symptoms but can still infect others.

It is recommended that you should do a rapid test twice a week to check if you have the virus.

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BioCan TellMeFast

COVID-19 Antigen Test Kit

A viable and cost effective alternative to a PCR test with a 100% sensitivity and specificity.

100% sensitivity, 100% specificity (at 25ul)

Front-of-nose and gum sampling

CE marked and qualified for sale on the GB market

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NewGene Rapid Tests

COVID-19 Antigen Nasopharyngeal Test

NewGene’s Rapid COVID-19 Nasopharyngeal Swab Lateral Flow Test Kit identifies current, contagious cases of the virus, and act before it spreads.

Clinical Sensitivity: 98%

Clinical Specificity: 99.1%

Professional (point of care) use only

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NewGene Rapid Tests

Rapid Antigen & Antibody Combi

This test kit contains both the Sputum Antigen Test and Antibody Test in one easy-to-use kit (box of 25).

Rapid Antigen Sputum Test Kit

Rapid Antibody Detection Test Kit

Professional (point of care) use only

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    A COVID-19 Antigen test detects the virus itself by the specific spike proteins (i.e. Antigens) on its surface, in order to identify the existence of the virus in the sample.

    Antigen tests are used to identify if a person is currently infected. No antigens will be present once the infection is gone.

    An antibody test measures antibodies present in a person’s blood. The presence of antibodies indicates a former infection or a completed vaccine course. They are not used to detect current infections.

    It does not require any laboratory processing and hence are suitable for large scale general screening of the population. In North America & Europe all licensed Rapid-test Antigen products are currently required to only be used by qualified professionals. However, it appears likely that Antigen tests for home use, without professional supervision, will eventually be permitted. However, if the human body contains only a very low viral load, with no obvious clinical symptoms, then an Antigen test is likely to give a negative result, thus a false negative.

    Helpfully, the ability of people with a low viral load to spread the virus is correspondingly lower than heavily infected patients. The Antigen test is suitable as a triaging or screening test to determine whether or not a slow but accurate nucleic acid test should be obtained.

    An Antigen test will be efficient in quickly identifying people with high levels of infection, those who are most likely to infect others, and distinguishing those people from others with, for example, seasonal influenza. Therefore, Antigen tests can be effective in helping to limit the spread of the pandemic, by identifying those who are most likely to spread the disease and isolating them from others.

    Sputum is the mucus that is coughed up from the lower airways (the trachea and bronchi). When taking a sample one should avoid its contamination / dilution with saliva so far as possible. Saliva (commonly referred to as spit) is an extracellular fluid produced and secreted by salivary glands in the mouth.

    At present, the NewGene and BioCan Antigen tests are certified for use by trained medical clinicians, or healthcare workers only.

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